“Emmaus: Europe in all of its facets!” training course 13-16 November 2016, Cologne

For the third consecutive year, the World Council on Training and New Generations is offering the Movement’s stakeholders the chance take part in the “Emmaus: Europe in all of its facets!” training course. Dedicated to the history and values of the Emmaus Movement, the session will take place on 13-16 November 2016, hosted by the Cologne community.

Supported by the presence of Emmaus resource people, “Emmaus: Europe in all of its facets!” seeks to provide an in-depth understanding of the history of Emmaus and its founder, Abbé Pierre. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where you can meet others and share ideas, the session invites you to familiarise yourself with the Movement’s founding values and discover how Emmaus developed both in Europe and across the world.

For more information, contact marie.tixier@emmaus-europe.org

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