ROMANIA – Previous work camps


  • Venue

Horia n° 15. RO-137600 Iasi (Locate this place thanks to Google Maps)

  • Period

1 May – 30 September 2018

  • Programme

The first phase will involve the volunteers helping the team to erect the metal shop structure and the volunteers will then lend a hand with the fitting out work (insulation etc).

Volunteers will also help prepare the large plot of farmland near the shop and to plant and look after the crops over the course of the camp. No special skills are needed to take part; everyone will play a part based on their individual capacity.

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  • Amicii d’Emmaus in the city of Târgu Jiu

Use social inclusion projects and programmes to combat all forms of local and international social exclusion.

PlaceTargu Jiu

Targu Jiu


From 15-31 July 2015
From 1-15 August 2015


Improve the Amicii Emmaus group’s work equipment and facilities and seek out economic sectors conducive to independent income-generating activities. Build a mezzanine in the shop to optimize the space available and workshops where goods collected in the local area can be upcycled: this includes textiles and small items of furniture.

Human resources

Local employees working half-time and as volunteers.
European companions and volunteers over two periods.
Technical resources: Draw on the skills of local friends of Emmaus.

No specificskills are requiredto participate in this project.


The cultural association NECFA (New Franco-Algerian Cultural Exchanges) has been a partner for many years, organizing stays for young cultural facilitators. They have expressed a keen interest in this experience, particularly as the Gorj Region lived under the Ottoman Empire for a long time.
The French and Romanian Nos Enfants d’Ailleurs associations.
The French and Romanian twinning associations.

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Feedback on the 2014 work camp (French)

  • Un coup de main d’Emmaus in the city of Iasi

Emmaus Iasi Un Coup de Main Foundation aims to help homeless adults. The organization seeks to combat the exclusion suffered by homeless adults by running programmes and activities tailored to their needs. In order to achieve this, the foundation has developed a range of activities: educational and training projects, household chores, growing crops and keeping livestock, economic activities, fun activities, solidarity activities and social assistance work.


Horia n° 15. RO-137600 Iasi (Locate this place thanks to Google Maps)


From May 1st to August 31 2015 (contact the group to arrange a dateOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA that suits you and the group depending on their hosting capacity) 5-8 persons can be accommodated at the same time.


Construction of the attic of the Un coup de main of Emmaüs Iasi Community in order to increase the residential capacity by creating more rooms in the house’s loft and improve residents’ quality of life. It is necessary and indeed vital to increase the residential capacity because the group receives numerous applications from homeless people who are unable to find accommodation.


Work phases:

1. Demolish the old roof
2. Reroofthe building, install windows, build side walls, all in compliance with the approved and authorized project
3. Finishes to the walls, flooring, electrics and plumbing

Human ressources

1 architect
2 building workers
20 people from Iasi community and the other volunteers

No specific skills are required to participate in this project. Any competence in the field of construction is welcome.

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Feedback on the 2013 work camp



  • Amicii d’Emmaus in the city of Târgu Jiu

Phase one: from July 9th to July 23 2014
Phase two: from 20th August to 3rd September 2014


Improve Amicii d’Emmaus’ living conditions.
Help boost the group’s economic development.
Take part in local cultural research.


1. Set up the shop.
2. Publicise clothes collections.
3. Facilitation workshop with 40 children.
4. Local history work about the 1914-18 war in Romania: camp on the battlefields + clean up the battle sites + research period lifestyles.



  • Un coup de main d’Emmaus in the city of Iasi

1. Complete the interior of the Iasi shop’s loft.

Feedback on the solidarity work camp, May 2013

2. Repair the Boursicauld house in Sarca in order to set up a traditional Romanian farm.

  • Amicii d’Emmaus in the city of Târgu Jiu

Work camp from July 28th to September 1st 2013.

Set up community accommodation to provide in the futur, a home for homeless young people.
Present and experience what the social and solidarity economy is all about.
Activities of sales – cleaning and landscaping of green areas – major building work – clearing work – brick-laying.
Meetings with local groups of volunteers and events to raise their awareness about Emmaus’ history and values.
Cultural gatherings.

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  • Un coup de main d’Emmaus in the city of Iasi

Feedback on the 2012 solidarity work camp

  • Amicii d’Emmaus in the city of Târgu Jiu

Information about the camp