BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA – Solidarity work camps


  • Location

Potocari (Srebrenica), in the International Forum of Solidarity-Emmaus‘ group (IFS-Emmaus)

  • Dates

10-24 July 2019

  • Description

Association “HO International forum of solidarity-EMMAUS” started organizing youth working camps back in 2006. Following the program scope of the Emmaus International Network in accordance to which youth camps are being organized around the world, IFS-EMMAUS as the only Emmaus International group member based in a non-EU state, in 2006 proposed to introduce youth camps in BiH, as youth events that will be consistently organized to promote tolerance, joint living and equality of all in a post-war country such as BiH. Having the above in mind, Srebrenica was chosen as a place to start at.

Since then, the camp is held regularly every year, and the interest of young people to participate is growing year by year. The camps gather a large number of young people and volunteers from BiH and Europe, who contribute to the development and improvement of the living conditions of the population in the area of Srebrenica. This project was created with the aim of helping minority returnees and other socially excluded population and at the same time the project helps young people from rural and ethnically divided areas, teaching them to reconciliation, equality, opportunities and the importance of joint action, creating preconditions for their future social inclusion and action.

List of the activities that will be implemented during the camp is formed in cooperation with the municipality of Srebrenica and in accordance with the projects of IFS-EMMAUS. Working activities include renovation of schools and roads, renovating houses, water supply and distribution networks, providing help to population that is in need, rehabilitation of city parks, restoration of cultural sites and monuments, cleaning rivers and lakes, etc. In addition to working activities through various educational, entertainment and sports activities, the camp is focused on acquiring knowledge of peace reconciliation and peacebuilding processes. Through these activities will promote tolerance and dialogue as a basic tool for the development and preservation of peace and strengthening the active participation of young people in the community.

  • Registration

Online registration

The number of participants is limited.

Registrations until June 5th 2019 / answers by June 20th

  • Contact

Mirela Ahmetbegovic: / +387 62 151 481

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