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The Association Emmaus Italy aims to coordinate and support the initiatives of the 16 Italian groups that refer to the international movement founded by Abbé Pierre, as well as to open new communities and groups of friends in Italy.

The work camps born in the Sixties give the opportunity for those who wish to live a temporarily experience with Emmaus. Work camps are organized on the model of Emmaus community (hosting, community life, work, service, fight) and are usually scheduled during the summer holidays.

2018 Campi Emmaus

Arezzo 2018- from August 12th to August 26th, 2018

Where: Emmaus community – via LA LUNA, 1 52020 LATERINA (AR)

When: Single turn from August 12th to August 26th, 2018

The minimum stay is 7 days, even though we sincerely suggest you to spend here 14 days.


The Emmaus community was born in Laterina in 1973 and it’s one of the oldest Emmaus communities in Italy. It is surrounded by the typical Tuscan landscape, shaped by mild hills, olive trees and vineyards. Through the traditional Emmaus’ work (door-to-door collection of second-hand stuff, selection and sale) the community, that currently hosts 11 people, manages to self-fund all its activities.

In addition to the traditional Emmaus’ self-funding work, you’ll be involved in social gardening, and in the renewal and the refurbishment of the community’s house and market.

Two free days are scheduled to rest or to visit some cities or historical sites in Tuscany:

Arezzo (20km far from the community) – Siena (50km far) – Firenze (50km far) – Cortona (40km far) or Camaldoli monastery and the Sanctuary of La Verna (60 km. far)

Main activities for self-funding:

You’ll have the chance to profoundly know people and places in Tuscany during the daily work, roaming by truck to collect second-hand objects, furnitures, clothes etc. and distributing leaflet door-to-door to raise awareness about our activities.

Selecting collected stuff and disassembling what we don’t manage to sell will let you take a step forward in the knowledge of the ecological recycling..

While working in the second-hand market you’ll get in touch with the people that visit it and with a particular multicultural and social environment.

The volunteers, through the maintenance and the renewal of the area, will be the main players in the improvement of Emmaus, by giving value to the association and the community.

Meetings and events will offer you the point of view of who stands with the most disadvantaged people. Furthermore you’ll get to know wonderful artists and you’ll share it all with other people and young people of the area.


Catanzaro 2018 – Emmaus Italy summer volunteer work camp from July 15th to August 11th

4 one-week turns:

1° turn from July 15th to 21st
2° turn from July 22nd to 28th
3° turn from July 29th to August 4th
4° turn from August 5th to 11th

Organisation: Network with other associations of the area which share Emmaus’ values.

Reception opened to EVERYBODY (individuals and groups)


  • Voluntary work with EMMAUS Catanzaro and the other associations of the network;
  • Solidarity market and collection of second-hand items;
  • Discovering the territory: guided tours;
  • Renewal of the area;
  • Art workshops (art and music);
  • Organic agriculture;
  • The art of recycling in cooking;
  • Sharing for and with the “INVISIBLE” people;

Workshop on EMMAUS: its history and what it does in Italy and in the World.



About 100 volunteers and companions of Emmaus will take part in the Emmaus Italy’s PASSIONE CIVILE 2018 international camp which will take place from July 8th to August 12th. There will be 3 turns.

In particular:

1st turn for Groups: from July 8th to July 15th (1 week at the price of 30 euros);

2nd turn for International Individuals: from July 15th to July 29th (2 weeks at the price of 60 euros)

3rd turn for Individuals: from July 29th to August 12th (2 weeks at the price of 60 euros)

This price includes room and board (excepting for the days off) at Casa Emmaus, the house seized to mafia and assigned to Emmaus Italia by Palermo’s municipality, and at schools and associations that take part in the project.

The volunteers, will join:

  1. the self-financing activities, that are typical of Emmaus movement (leafleting; collecting the donations of second-hand items; selection, arrangement and sale of second-hand items at Emmaus second-hand market, recycling and creative reuse);
  2. restoration activities (for example cleaning, painting, gardening, spaces rehabilitation etc.) of Casa Emmaus, which is a house that was seized to mafia and that was given to Emmaus Italia by Palermo’s municipality with the aim of hospitality;
  3. the social entertainment in Palermo neighbourhood (circus, street educational activities and sport with minors; teaching Italian language to migrants);
  4. the work of supporting concretely the local associations which deal with solidarity and the fight against misery (helping in Caritas’ kitchen and canteen).

During the summer camp there will be follow-up meetings with experts in the field concerning the following themes:environment and sustainability; peace, non-violence and management of the conflicts; legality, active citizenship and democratic participation; history of Mafia and of the movement against Mafia and their activities: from social reutilisation of seized assets to critic consumption against pizzo.

Volunteers will also have a day off (three days for the 2 weeks turns) for relaxing, visiting the city or going to the beach.


2017 Campi Emmaus


  • Catanzaro1 to 31 July

Information and registration: +39 (0) 334.3428931

  • Palermo –16 to 30 July and 30 July to 13 August

Information and registration:, +39 (0)349.6088262

  • Arezzo – 13 to 20 August and 20 to 27 August

Information and registration:, +39 (0)575 896558

2016 Campi Emmaus


  • Palermo – 17th July to 14th August

Information and registration:, +393711216954

  • Fiesso Umbertiano (RO) – 17th to 31st July

Information and registration:, +39 (0)425 754004

  • Aselogna (VR) – 31st July to 14th August

Information and registration:, +39 (0)442 35386

  • Arezzo – 14th to 28th August

Information and registration:, +39 (0)575 896558



2015 Palermo

  • Period

Locandina-FRANCESE_sitoTo choose among the proposed dates:

5- 12 July 2015
12-19 July 2015
19-26 July 2015
26 July-2 August 2015
2-9 August 2015
9-16 August 2015
16-23 August 2015
23- 30 August 2015

  • Project

This international volunteer camp wants to work with the group to promote

  • active citizenship and participation
  • meeting others, building relationships and fostering forums for socializing
  • legality, solidarity and sharing
  • caring for others, the environment and quality of life
  • combating violence and working for the rights of the most vulnerable people and against the root causes of extreme poverty, injustice and suffering

Building together a proactive, positive, plural and inclusive social model.

  • Programme

A half-day spent doing Emmaus’ everyday work and a half-day spent doing social work in the neighbourhoods of Palermo alongside community organizations.

  • Contact

Emmaus Italy – Palermo 2015

Useful information for the work camp


For more information :

2014 Fiesso Umbertiano (RO) / Aselogna Di Cerea (VR)

Chantiers d'été Italie 2014

Flyer work camp in Aselogna

For more information about the 2014 work camps in Italy, please click here.


Arezzo: / / Tel: 0575 896558
Cuneo: / / Tel: 0171 387834
Fiesso Umbertino: / / Tel: 0425 754004
Quarrata: / Tel: 0573 750044
Villafranca: / Tel: 045 6337069


2013 Arezzo / Cuneo-B.S Dalmazzo / Ferrara/ Fiesso Umbertiano/ Quarrata/ Villafranca

2013 Poster


Arezzo. From July 1st to 21st.
Cuneo / B.S Dalmazzo. From July 9th to 30th and from August 25th to September 8th.
Ferrara / Fiesso Umbertiano / Quarrata / Villafranca: Dates to choose.



Arezzo: / / Tel: 0575 896558
Cuneo: / / Tel: 0171 387834
Fiesso Umbertino: / / Tel: 0425 754004
Quarrata: / Tel: 0573 750044
Villafranca: / Tel:045 6337069


2011 Torino

EMMAUS TO11_locandina 22,5x48_Campo_FRA

Feedback on 2011 solidarity work camp


2010 Ferrara / Fiesso Umbertiano / Boves (Cuneo – Piemonte) / Villafranca (Verona- veneto)

2010 poster