POLAND – Solidarity work camps

Emmaus Brat Albert in the cities of Nowy Sacz and Krakow

 Krakow 1Brat Albert was initially located in Nowy Sacz in Southern Poland and increased in size in 2003 with the opening of a new site in Krakow. At the outset in the 1990s the group used to manage a shelter for the homeless in Nowy Sacz. The shelter is still in existence: it houses 75 homeless people all year round and 15 additional people in winter. Brat Albert also does intensive outreach work in wintertime with outreach teams aiming to offer shelter to people who are sleeping rough. At both Nowy Sacz and Krakow, the group’s 36 companions do the traditional work of Emmaus communities: collecting, sorting, repairing and reselling donated goods at affordable prices. Since 2012, to support the community’s income, the group has been running a small Emmaus boutique in Krynica – a well known Polish spa resort, 30km from Nowy Sacz. In addition to working with the homeless, the community also offers practical and financial help to destitute families.
  • Place

Emmaus Brat Albert, sites of Kraków and Nowy Sacz.

  • Period

From May 23th to June 7th 2015

  • Project

To improve the Companions’ quality of life throughmaking changes to their habitat. To increase the Community’s self-sufficiency.

Predicted effects:

Krakow 31. Execution of planned works which will influence vastly the quality of the Companions of Emaus Krakow and Nowy Sacz.

2. The Camp is also a way to meet the other members of the movement and to exchange experiences as well as thoughts of the Emaus movement’s goal and methods to achieve them.

3. Increase of the self-sufficiency as far as the food production is concerned (vegetables from organic garden), implementation of another forms of therapy and and working on oneself (taking care of garden and workshops).

  • Programme

Work on the expansion of the Emmaus workshops on the Nowy Sacz and Krakow sites. Participate in everyday work with Emmaus companions and finish off the house. Participants relax and interact with the community. Work in the vegetable garden.

  • Human Resources

Volunteers and Companions of Emaus, the participants of the Camp will be divided into two groups of five.

Volunteers and Companions of Emaus Community Krakow and Nowy Sacz

No specific skills are required to participate in this project.

  • Contact:

Grzegorz Hadjuk: krakow@emmaus.pl, 0048 501 378 650 (polish, english)

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