ROMANIA – Solidarity work camps

Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus in the city of Iasi

Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus Iasi has two communities which are both home to 14 male and female companions: our companions have mostly lived on the streets, having left children’s homes in Iasi and the surrounding area. Supported by a team of leaders and social workers (social worker and psychologist), they are provided with housing and their meals. They rebuild their lives by working in our second-hand store or on our farm in the countryside.

Our organisation has been supporting the homeless for over 15 years by doing outreach work and handing out food and clothing on a daily basis in several locations in Iasi. We also provide homeless people with administrative support. Every year, we help around 50 families, i.e. 150 people in precarious situations.

We are going to build an educational farm on the Belvédère plot of land owned by the organisation in Podu Iloaiei near to Iasi. This project will enable us to expand the support offered to people in precarious circumstances and to raise awareness about organic farming and ecology.

  • Place

Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus Iasi: Horia n° 15. RO-137600 Iasi (Locate this place thanks to Google Maps)

  • Period

1 June – 30 September 2018

  • Programme

The first phase will involve the volunteers helping the team to erect the metal shop structure and the volunteers will then lend a hand with the fitting out work (insulation etc).

Volunteers will also help prepare the large plot of farmland near the shop and to plant and look after the crops over the course of the camp. No special skills are needed to take part; everyone will play a part based on their individual capacity.

  • Contact

Contact: Gelu Nichitel, director at Iasi, Mélodie Saura, community service volunteer at Iasi (, and Théo Robin (, Emmaus Europe’s responsible for solidarities.

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