ROMANIA – Solidarity work camps

Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus in the city of Iasi

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Un Coup de Main d’Emmaus Iasi: Horia n° 15. RO-137600 Iasi (Locate this place thanks to Google Maps)

  • Dates

1 June – 30 September 2019

  • Description

Do you fancy helping out with a solidarity project, discovering a new culture, and meeting people from a wide range of backgrounds? Join us!

We are organising a work camp in the countryside close to Iasi in Romania. The work camp will run from 1 June – 30 September 2019. If you want to spend a week or even longer with our companions in a stunning location, you are very welcome to join us!

A brief overview of Un Coup de Main d’Emmaüs Iaşi

Un Coup de Main d’Emmaüs Iaşi is a non-profit organisation with the stated aim of helping the homeless and vulnerable people.

The organisation has two residential communities, each housing 15 male and female companions: some of our companions have lived on the streets, having left children’s homes in Iasi and the surrounding area. Supported by a team of leaders and social workers (social worker and psychologist), they are provided with housing and their meals. They regain their confidence by working in our second-hand store or on our farm in the countryside. When they feel ready, the companions leave the community and find work and start families, in other words, they reintegrate into Romanian society. That is our stated aim.

Our organisation has been supporting the homeless for over 18 years by doing outreach work and handing out food and clothing on a daily basis in several locations in Iasi. We also provide homeless people with administrative support. Every year, we help around 50 families, i.e. 150 people in precarious situations.

The solidarity project itself

The foundation wants to expand its reach, both in terms of the type of initiatives that it undertakes and the area that it covers: the project focuses on growing organic vegetables, welcoming and raising the public’s awareness about environmental issues, and extending the second-hand store.

The 2019 work camp constitutes the start of this large-scale project, which also includes setting up an educational farm. Phase one of the project involves setting up the second-hand store on the Belvédère plot of farmland, located in the rural district of Podu Iloaiei, close to Iasi.

We will also plant crops and trees etc.

What will you be doing?

You will be taking part in all the activities involved in setting up a sustainable income-generating project. In the first instance, you will be helping the team to erect the store’s metal structure – erecting the structure itself, foundations, floor slab, windows, and internal walls. You will also be helping with laying out the plot: putting up fences, planting trees, and building small wooden housing units.

We are preferably looking for people with carpentry, agronomy and sustainable energy (solar power) experience. If you have other ideas that could help us, you are obviously very welcome too!

Participants need to be physically fit, because a certain amount of physical strength is needed for the work, and also because living conditions on site will be relatively basic.

  • Logistics
    • You can travel to Iasi by plane, car, train or hitchhiking. The work camp is accessible by car (we will have a car available for the camp) and bus (half-hourly service).
    • Although the plot is well-located for transport links, it is very isolated – no permanent structures and no WIFI (however, Romanian mobile network cards are very affordable and the service is good!).
    • The intention is for the volunteers to camp on site, weather permitting. Otherwise, you will be housed in one of our communities. If you have a tent or tents, please bring them. We will be able to provide a few tents.
    • Participants must pay their own travel costs. Meals will be provided.

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Gelu Nichitel, director, by telephone/WhatsApp in French/Romanian (+40 744 234 394) or by email in English/French/Romanian (

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