Intra-European transports programme

The European regional transport programme involves sending goods (furniture, knick-knacks, clothing etc) by lorry from one European Emmaus group to another. The system enables « wealth to be redistributed »; in this specific case goods collected by groups working in very different socio-economic contexts, in which the ability to collect goods and the habit of donating goods also differ significantly. The programme enables solidarity to be regional, in addition to local solidarity initiatives, and consequently to support the most socially-excluded people in Europe.

Apart from offering practical help, the regional transport programme creates numerous opportunities for meetings and interaction between the groups and their members. Most of the groups maintain real partnerships that take the form of working together to organise these container loads, discussing the contents of the loads, etc.


In practical terms, the container loads are organised by the European geographical collectives supported by the EE Secretariat, in order to foster transparency and fairness in the way that the loads are organised and shared out. Groups wanting to organise a load (or who already do) are asked to advise the secretariat about loads sent and received so that the online table can be kept up to date.

A review was drawn up for the groups in order to provide an overview of the goods sent across Europe, and contained practical information, contacts, and feedback from those involved.

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