The annual solidarity programme









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A solidarity programme is drawn up every year.

How does the process work?

1. Solidarity requests are passed on by the groups to the collective

Groups wishing to benefit from equipment, human resources or funding pass on their requests to their country’s collective before October.

2. The collective prioritises the requests

As the collectives receive a large number of requests, they have to prioritise based on the urgency and feasibility of the initiatives and on the criteria set by the World Council on Political Action and International Solidarity (initiatives leading towards self-sufficiency and aiming to bring about political or social change).

3. Requests for support are presented to the Emmaus Europe Regional Council

Once the requests for support have been ranked in order of priority, the collectives present them to the Emmaus Europe Regional Council, which approves them at its second meeting of the year.

4. The annual solidarity plan is sent to the European groups

Emmaus Europe makes an appeal for support at the start of December, presenting the solidarity initiatives needing support during the coming year.

5. A partnership agreement is signed between Emmaus Europe and the beneficiary group

Prior to funds being transferred to the group, a partnership agreement listing the rights and responsibilities of the parties is signed by the group and Emmaus Europe.

6. Emmaus Europe receives and then transfers the funds

In order to guarantee the coherence and effectiveness of solidarity support, all the funds for the beneficiary go through Emmaus Europe, which transfers them to the requesting group in accordance with the conditions set by the agreement.

7. Solidarity Review

Please find on the following links, the reviews of the solidarity initiatives supported by Emmaus Europe since 2010. The aim of this review is to present selected information about the different activities and the progress. The review is based on the reports and other information sent by the groups to the Secretariat of Emmaus Europe.

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