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Circular economy / The environment 

Our values

One of Emmaus’ basic principles is living off the fruit of our labours and regaining dignity through work.

In the communities the companions regain their dignity by working on reuse initiatives. The funds raised from this work covers not only the costs of food and housing but also allow the communities to lead solidarity initiatives to support those “who are suffering the most”.

Fixing Objects in order to Fix Yourself

In the Emmaus groups and get-back-to-work schemes our reuse work provides a second life to both the objects collected and to the people involved in these activities. Often this helps the companions to take the first steps on the road to rebuilding themselves.

Emmaus is now one of the main stakeholders of the European social economy. The range of our income-generating activities is constantly growing (farming, solidarity food shops, zero waste restaurants, upcycling, etc.) but our initiatives always strive to help people who have had a tough time in life to rebuild.

Political Campaigning and Working as part of a Network

Emmaus Europe is part of the European reuse network RREUSE. Our priority is to reuse rather than recycle wherever possible as reuse extends the lifespan of objects without having an impact on the environment. We also work with our partners, however, to reduce ultimate waste as much as possible.

Defend the social economy stakeholders

We also work with RREUSE to defend the key role of social economy stakeholders in the reuse and recycling sector. This sector is becoming an interesting market for non-social economy companies whereas we use its potential to support our social action and our solidarity initiatives.

Our various stances


Emmaus Catanzaro : a capsule collection of a sustainable, activism-focused form of fashion

The Italian group Catanzaro has started to work in fashion but not just any old type of fashion! The group is, of course, avoiding fast fashion and uniformity, promoting instead a sustainable, activism-focused capsule collection that is fully aligned with the values of the Emmaus movement.

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Circular economy / The environment 

United Kingdom

Emmaus Bolton – Joinery and Upcycling Workshops

Two years ago Emmaus Bolton opened workshops where they make wooden items and upcycle furniture. The idea behind this was to provide the companions with the opportunity to acquire new skills and it has worked a treat!

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Circular economy / The environment 


The Repair and Reuse Workshops at Emmaus Åland

One of many activities at Emmaus Åland is the Repair and Reuse Workshop, where used clothes or new clothes that do not fit well get a new chance and a new life.  The idea behind this project is to offer people a social community and participation, primarily through group activities but also ongoing activities at Emmaus.

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Circular economy / The environment 

European Union

Coronavirus strengthens case for new EU textile laws

As the European Commission is poised to start developing a new ‘comprehensive strategy for textiles’ in the coming months, Emmaus Europe and a group of more than 60 civil society organisations have set out their vision for the global Textile, Garments, Leather and Footwear (TGLF) sector.

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Circular economy / The environment