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General Assembly of Emmaus International

An online event from November 30 to 2 December 2021 before we meet again in Uruguay!

The General Assembly is the highest body of Emmaus International and has full powers and responsibilities so that it can realise its aims and its objectives within the framework of the statutes, of the Manifesto and of any policies and decisions it may adopt. It’s always a great opportunity to gather all the groups and an important event in terms of our internal democracy.

With the slogan “Together, more than ever, let’s fight to change the world!”, this World Assembly follows a long group consultation process, which began in 2019 with the preparatory work, followed by the small group debates held in 2021.

The first part of the virtual Word Assembly is free and open to all members of the group, with an unrestricted number of registrations per group. It is an opportunity to get to know other parts of the movement, particularly for the youngest or newest members!​

The second part of the World Assembly will take place face-to-face during the first half of 2022 in Uruguay. During the Board meeting in October 2021, financial arrangements will be made to facilitate the attendance of groups from each region. Between both events, an interactive programme will be set up to keep our reflections and discussions going.

For information and registration: assembleemondiale.emmaus-international.org

Invitation to the 2021 Ordinary General Assembly and Extraordinary General Assembly of Emmaus International

If your group cannot participate in the virtual World Assembly, please click here to set up a proxy.

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