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A campaign to abolish the European Border and Coast Guard Agency and end the EU border regime.

Over 740 people have died so far this year trying to cross the Mediterranean, looking for a place of safety. The EU’s border regime forced them to take dangerous migration routes, often on unseaworthy vessels; it enlisted neighbouring countries to stop them on their way; met them with violence and pushbacks; or refused to rescue them – abandoning them to drown at sea.

Frontex is the European Border and Coast Guard Agency that lies at the centre of this violence. Often hiding away from public scrutiny, over the past months a series of investigations by journalists and human rights groups have put Frontex in the spotlight. Extensive evidence has exposed how the EU’s border force is repeatedly involved in pushbacks and human rights violations.

As a member of Migreurop, Emmaus Europe support the #AbolishFrontex campaign, which claims:

  • Abolish Frontex
  • Regularise migrants
  • Stop all deportations
  • End detention
  • Stop the militarisation of borders (and the military industrial complex)
  • Stop the surveillance of people on the move
  • Empower solidarity
  • Stop the EU’s role in forcing people to move
  • Freedom of movement for all
  • End the EU border regime

For more information about this international campaign/to get involved: abolishfrontex.org

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