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Emmaus in France

There was ONE MAN at the origin of Emmaus, Abbé Pierre.

One man who then brought another man on board, then 10 more, then 100 more, then thousands of other men and women working together to defend the cause of the poorest and most vulnerable.

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Emmaus Lublin: success for our solidarity pizzeria!

This Polish community diversified its activities recently by opening an Italian/Turkish restaurant. This new adventure has been a great success and Zbigniew Drążkowski, the group leader, and Ela Guc, admin manager, have been telling us all about it.

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Emmaus International is publishing its first Global Report on its fight against poverty

In its first Global Report, Emmaus International is making the voices of the most excluded heard, presenting alternatives and demands, and launching a new appeal against the causes of poverty.

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Tackling Poverty / Solidarity


Emmaus in Belgium

In Belgium the three Emmaus groups are all traditional Emmaus communities. We have 60 companions living and working in our 3 groups. Combined, our 3 associations collect around 1,000 tons of furniture, clothing and electronic goods per year, 70% of which are brought back into circulation in our shops.

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