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Arrivals in Lampedusa

Following the arrival of a record number of people on the move in Lampedusa, civil society, including Emmaus Europe, expresses in a statement its deep concern at the security response of European states, the crisis of reception, and reaffirms its solidarity with people on the move arriving in Europe.

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Defending human rights / Migration 

Bosnia Herzegovina

This was more than just a football tournament

In July Emmaus Europe and IFS-Emmaus organised the first edition of the Emmaus Football Championship for Peace and Human Rights in Srebrenica.

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Defending human rights / Migration 


Knitting together a social and circular future for textiles

An interview with Yvette Gumbs, the national delegate for the Netherlands. Yvette represented Emmaus Europe at the conference organised by RREUSE on the urgent topic of textile waste and the impact that this has on the fashion industry.

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Circular economy / The environment 

Georgia: the “balcony of Europe” and a group which is now ready to join the Emmaus movement!

The vitality of our movement can be measured by the exchanges and discussion it creates, the friendships it helps to forge and the mutual aid initiatives that it helps to launch.

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Tackling Poverty / Solidarity

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