Emmaus Europe


Regional councils of Emmaus Europe

The board, known as the Regional Council, is in charge of creating the atmosphere, of monitoring and of checking what is done by all the other bodies of Emmaus Europe, including the regional executive committee, the executive body. The regional board meets twice per year and given that the general assembly only meets every four years it is the board which approves both the accounts and the annual activity reports.
The regional board is made up of:

  • The Chair of Emmaus Europe, a figure elected by the regional assembly
  • 12 Emmaus International board members who are members of both boards – the board of Emmaus Europe and the board of Emmaus International
  • One national delegate per country for all countries that have a national organisation

See the “Introduction” section or the Statutes and Internal Rules of Emmaus Europe for additional information.

Bodies within Emmaus