Emmaus Europe


The Romania Collective

The Romania collective unites the Emmaus groups from Romania and all other European groups who are interested in the development of the movement in this country are also invited to these meetings. The collective provides support to those who wish to launch new Emmaus groups in Romania.

This collective was initially created to organise the solidarity initiatives led amongst the three Romanian groups and with other European Emmaus groups (notably in France, Switzerland and the UK) who had strong ties to Emmaus in Romania. The collective has now become the main opportunity for the Romanian groups to meet and hold debates. Recently the collective supported the creation of a national organisation for Emmaus in Romania as well as discussing how to provide greater visibility to Emmaus’ struggles in the country.

Reports of the Meetings

You can find reports of the meetings of the Romania collective below. If you would like more information about a past or future meeting then please get in touch with the secretariat of Emmaus Europe.

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