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2024 European Elections

The European elections are fast approaching. All citizens of the European Union will be able to vote over the period of 6-9 June 2024 to elect the MEPs who will represent them in the European Parliament for the next five years. In other words, a large number of you are going to elect the men and women who will have the power to decide what Europe will look like in the next few years.

Europe – a vital decision-making level for Emmaus’ work

European policy plays a pivotal role in the daily lives of each of us, directly influencing aspects such as labour rights, efforts to address precarity, health, production and environmental issues. For example, European law governs workers’ rights across Europe and migration policy, and directly affects our collection, sorting, reuse and recycling work, which are fundamental aspects of the Emmaus groups’ efforts.

The extreme right: a threat to Emmaus’ work in Europe

However, a major concern is emerging about the possible rise of extreme right-wing political parties, representing a serious threat to organisations such as Emmaus, particularly with regard to unconditional shelter and support. It is crucial that we resolutely resist the influence of political parties that embody racism and xenophobia.

Taking action together

It is vital that the future MEPs understand the urgent need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the most deprived people, go further on climate issues, and support the work of our groups. To raise the awareness of these MEPs, Emmaus Europe is suggesting that you invite prospective MEPs to visit your groups. This will provide a unique opportunity to showcase your everyday work to them and stress the issues that you face. If elected, these people could be Emmaus allies and help us to address exclusion and work for solidarity at the European level.

Emmaus Europe pledges to support you in this initiative by contacting the prospective MEPs and suggesting a visit to our groups. We are also encouraging you to contact the prospective MEPs in your countries, who you know, to arrange meetings. We are offering you the following help with this initiative:

  • An invitation template that you can personalise and send to the prospective MEPs of your choice. Most of the parties have designated their lists and these can be found on their websites. Their diaries fill up fast, so we advise you to contact them as soon as possible.

Invitation template

  • Documents detailing Emmaus Europe’s proposals for these elections:

General proposals – short version Detailed proposals – long version

  • An awareness-raising document to share with as many people as possible, both internally and externally, on the issues at stake in the elections for Emmaus and the risks of the rise of the far right. A poster version to display in your sales rooms and other premises is also available, as well as the visuals of the document without text to adapt them into the languages of your country.

Web format A4 format for distribution A3 format for display

customisable visual 1 customisable visual 2

awareness-raising documents kit

  • A proposal of press release for distribution to local media to be adapted according to your local situation or what matters most to you:

Press release template

  • We can also help you to set up specific initiatives if you so wish, or to prepare members of your group to speak up in order to champion your proposals and lived experience to the prospective MEPs.

We are available if you have any questions and to support you with this initiative.

Contact: manon.gaham@emmaus-europe.org & eve.poulteau@emmaus-europe.org

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