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Deconstructing fear of foreigners: the Emmaus campaign for humane provision for migrants

The idea behind the posters is to open people’s minds to a discussion about the issue, and they should be displayed in our public areas so as to deconstruct people’s fears about receiving migrants. The posters are therefore available in the languages of the European countries in which Emmaus groups are located.  

You can use the posters as a gateway to more in-depth discussions with your customers and other contacts, or to invite politicians to discuss Emmaus’ approach to migration and reception policies. This invitation could be supplemented by including Emmaus International’s publication “First global report on our fight against poverty”.

At the European level, this campaign is in keeping with the discussions started between the Member States on the European Council and with the European Parliament on the new Migration and Asylum Pact. This pact sets the policy directions for these issues for the coming years.

Our team is available if you want to undertake advocacy work or arrange a meeting with your customers and/or elected representatives: eve.poulteau@emmaus-europe.org

We still have a number of posters in stock, so let us know if you want them sent out by post:

The posters are also available to download in different formats for each language:
a web format, a standard print format suitable for an office printer, and a professional printer’s format.

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