Emmaus Europe


The annual European solidarity programme enables several groups in Europe to run initiatives that further the struggles of our movement. Supporting these initiatives is only possible thanks to the support provided by other European Emmaus groups!

What is the European solidarity programme?

The programme is for initiatives that the groups would like to lead but for which they require financial support. The initiatives put forward by the groups are then analysed and approved at the meetings of the collectives and by the elected representatives of Emmaus Europe. The representatives ensure that the initiatives meet our common criteria (see how it works) and that they will help us achieve our social goals. Once the initiatives are approved the groups are then asked if they wish to provide support by sending funds across to Emmaus Europe. This voluntary funding scheme is the sole source of finance for this programme, it relies entirely on the resources and the enthusiasm of the groups – it is thanks to the daily work led by the members of our movement that this programme exists.

Solidarity is at the heart of our movement

This programme is designed to be an expression of Emmaus’ solidarity, something which is at the heart of our movement. Solidarity is one of our objectives, it is an expression of our desire to bring people closer together and to live in a more humane world as well as being a means of redistributing wealth for a fairer society. The reports of the initiatives led in recent years thanks to the programme will show you how these projects have allowed the groups to make progress in many different ways.

The European Solidarity Programme