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South-East Europe

The South-East Europe Collective

The south-east Europe collective, formerly known as the Bosnia collective, unites the Emmaus groups from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. All other European groups who are interested in the development of the movement in this region are also invited to these meetings. This collective works alongside other groups in the region and is open to working with any new groups that may be launched in the future in south-east Europe.

This collective was initially created to support the International Forum of Solidarity (IFS) group. Once IFS-Emmaus had become well established throughout Bosnia-Herzegovina the collective started to help other groups in the region who wished to join Emmaus, notably Nova Generacija (Bosnia-Herzegovina), the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (CNZD, Croatia) and the Group for the Physically Disabled (TOMS, Croatia). These new groups have very innovative models and they focus on very specific topics such as providing support to children and to persons with disabilities.

The south-east Europe collective outlined three priorities for its work:

  • Organising solidarity and facilitating access to resources, in particular for new groups
  • Improving our internal and external communication in order to better showcase the initiatives led by the groups
  • Having a greater political impact

Reports of the Meetings

You can find reports of the meetings of the south-east Europe collective below. If you would like more information about a past or future meeting then please get in touch with the secretariat of Emmaus Europe.

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