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Emmaus in Ukraine

Emmaus has had a presence in Ukraine since 2001 thanks to the creation of the first group in the country. Since then a new group has joined the movement as a trial member. These two organisations are both “classic” Emmaus communities which welcome in companions to live and work within the community:
  • Oselya, the first Emmaus community in Ukraine, based in Lviv. The group takes an active role in the fight against homelessness in the local area.
  • Nasha Khata, a trial member group founded in 2009, based 80km from Lviv. The group does the “classic” work led by the Emmaus communities but has also set up farming activities.


The Oselya community was set up in 2001 in Lviv, in the west of Ukraine, to help the homeless as no-one else was doing so. They distribute food, work in the streets, set up tents in the winter, edit a street newspaper and defend the interests of the homeless amongst the local authorities. Inspired by the Emmaus model the companions then developed income-generating activities: organising collections, repairing furniture and setting up a second-hand shop. The Oselya group became a member of Emmaus International in 2010 and is supporting the creation of new groups in Ukraine.

Main Activities

  • Welcome, providing accommodation, reintegration
  • Collecting, reusing, recycling and selling on objects
  • Political campaigning and awareness raising
  • Local, european and international solidarity initiatives

Secondary Activities

  • Farming
  • Repairing furniture
  • Social hotel for former companions
  • Daytime welcome centre
  • “Doing the rounds”
  • Publishing a street newspaper

Key numbers

1 member group

1 trial member group

45 companions

55 volunteers

135 people involved in Emmaus

2 Local groups
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Grigory Semenchuk
National delegate for Ukraine

The Challenges in Ukraine

“NGOs in Ukraine were not allowed to run economic activities so we have had to come up with solutions to get around this. Our stores accept “voluntary contributions” for the second hand items we have on offer but we are not allowed to sell these items. We cannot sell goods donated from abroad either – this is why we do not accept transports of material from other European Emmaus groups as some communities do.”

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Solidarity with Ukraine: A new social center to escape war and poverty

On 6 January, companions, friends, and partners of Emaus Oselya gathered for the inauguration of the new support centre “Olesya Sanotska” in Vynykky, Lviv, Ukraine.

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Tackling Poverty / Solidarity


Emmaus Oselya’s daily life has been turned upside down

The group has been supporting people fleeing the fighting right from the start of the conflict. Emmaus Oselya has provided support, handed out food, offered accommodation, counselling, and so on. Natalia, leader of Emmaus Oselya in Ukraine, tells us about the community’s daily life, which has been turned upside down since February.

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Defending human rights / Migration 


Solidarity with Ukraine: Emmaus is taking action

Emmaus groups across Europe and worldwide are taking action to help the Ukrainian people.

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Defending human rights / Migration 


Emmaus International and Emmaus Europe joint statement

For over a week Ukraine has been bravely facing an invasion of its territory by Russia. We reiterate that we stand in full solidarity with the Ukrainian people, victims of unjustified aggression that violates international law.

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Defending human rights / Migration