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Emmaus Italy: training for young activists

Since 2015 Emmaus Italy has been running a training course in non-violence, this course focuses on peace, on how to resolve conflicts and on the values promoted by Abbé Pierre and by Emmaus. This course is aimed at raising awareness amongst young people, helping them to feel inspired by Emmaus’ initiatives and to feel part of the movement.

Every year dozens of dozens of teachers and coordinators in scout centres, in local associations and in universities send out an appeal in order to organise this training course which is completely free of charge.

Nicola Teresi, the leader of the Emmaus Palermo group and a specialist educator on the topics of peace and conflict resolution, met hundreds of students from various schools and universities across Italy. He was able to strike up a relationship of trust with many of these students. After meeting him many of these young people decided to sign up for summer camps and asked if other events could be set up in order to go into more detail on these topics which are closely linked to the history of the Emmaus movement.

Now students at schools and universities can choose from the following courses run by Emmaus Italy:

  • Conflicts, migrations and the exploitation of human beings
  • The mafia economy, excessive consumption and social, anti-mafia initiatives
  • How to handle and transform conflict situations
  • School: bullying and non-violent communication
  • Grassroots politics: participatory processes and the role of young people in enforcing social change

The courses adopt an interactive, participatory approach where the participants are challenged to defend their ideas.

The number of young people involved in Emmaus Italy is on the rise, we now have over 50 mature, responsible, young volunteers ready and willing to help our association.

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